10 Belly Bulge Busters That Are Perfect for Summer

Even Busy Bees get Belly Bulge sometimes — we don’t make the rules (we just come up with the alliteration to match them). But you know what they say…rules are made to be broken! So go BUST that stubborn bulge this summer, and get the abs you’ve always dreamed of!

Anti-bloat foods
Your diet is about 80% responsible for the way you look. In other words, abs really are made in the kitchen! So before we share any other tips with you, we must emphasize the importance of sculpting your flat tummy from the inside out.

This fiber-rich, anti-inflammatory breakfast option is great for fighting belly bulge. It absorbs water and helps add bulk to your stool.

Ginger tea
According to a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, ginger supplements can relieve digestive upset, and reduce cramping, bloating, and gas. The tea is made from the Zingiber officinale plant, which has been used to mitigate stomach issues since ancient times.

This Korean fermented cabbage dish is full of vitamins A, B, and C, and “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli. It greatly aids in facilitating digestion and, as an added bonus, helps prevent yeast infections.

Anti-bloat workouts
Although your kitchen habits are 80% responsible for your physical fitness, exercise still holds a stake in about 20% of that! Here are some easy, at-home, equipment-free workouts that will pack a serious punch to your belly bloat.

Standing roll down

In this beginners’ Pilates movement, start in a standing position in the middle of your mat. Begin rolling your head down so that your chin comes toward your chest, and gradually allow your arms to reach towards your toes as you hinge at the hip. Once you reach your toes, slowly bring your body up to your starting position.

Plank with hip-dips

With your elbows and feet shoulder-width apart in a plank position, sway your hips in one direction to touch the mat. Isolate this part of your body, and try not to move anything else while you approach one side. Come back to the center and repeat on the other side.

Mountain climber twist

Begin again in the plank position and bend your left leg toward your right elbow. Come back to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Plank tap

Yet again, start in the flat table-top plank position, and lift up one arm to touch your opposite shoulder. Bring back down and alternate tapping arms.

Anti-bloat lifestyle habits
Once you have your diet and exercise routines down, it is important to keep a few practical daily habits in mind when it comes to maintaining a flat stomach. Although these practices are seemingly-trivial, they can have the potential to make a noticeable impact on the state of your belly bulge.

Eat slowly
Eating quickly can increase the amount of air you swallow, thus leading to a gas build-up in the gastrointestinal tract. And too much gas means…belly bloat.

Practicing this habit has also been proven to improve digestion, facilitate easier weight loss, and improve general well-being.

Don’t use straws
Much like eating quickly causes bloating, drinking through a straw can force you to suck in excess air every time you take a sip. Even though you tend not to notice that, it can have an impact on how well your belly is doing.

Have dinner early
A big meal right before bed could leave you waking up very full indeed. This is because during bedtime, your body’s number one priority is to get deep, high-quality sleep—not to digest food.

Replace that 10pm binge with a small serving of protein and carbs at least two hours before you nod off.

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