One of the most common drinks nowadays, and the oldest as well, especially in Europe and North America is the beer. It is extremely rich in antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B. Moreover, it has flavonoids and minerals that are very important for some processes of our metabolism.

Thus, consuming this drink, of course in moderate amounts, can be extremely beneficial for our health. It is true. If you do not believe it, check these facts out!


  • Beer can fight off stress. Many experts claim that two glasses of it a day can decrease the chance of occupational stress and anxiety.
  • It protects the kidneys. One bottle of beer can lower the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent.
  • Moreover, it is rich in vitamins that can revitalize and regenerate the skin. One bottle a day can make the skin suppler, shinier and smoother and you will look much younger.
  • People who consume beer usually have a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease more than the people who do not consume it.
  • Due to the high fiber content, this drink can also lower bad cholesterol.
  • Beer makes the bones denser and stronger due to its silicon content.
  • It is rich in vitamins B12, B6, B2, and B1. So, people who consume it have 30 percent higher levels of these vitamins more than the people who consume wine.
  • This drink is perfect for people that suffer from insomnia due to the fact that it betters sleep quality and encourages it.
  • It prevents the onset of blood clots.
  • Last, but not least, beer can lower the risks of heart attacks. People who consume it regularly have 40-60 percent lower risk of heart attacks than those who do not.

As you can see, beer is extremely beneficial. Therefore, we would recommend you to consume it, in moderate doses, so that it can aid with your health.

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