10 Innocent Signs That Your Body Is Flooded With Toxins

One of the clear signs that you have a lot of accumulated toxins in the body is the fatty deposits around your stomach, which is the most common sign that you have a disorder in the body’s pH balance and that you need to alkalize the body.

Acne and bad complexion

Foods that are dominated by foods such as salami, ready meals, chips, sweets and cakes with a lot of sugar and harmful fats can cause inflammatory processes in the body that in many cases also manifest on the skin. The skin is a mirror of what we eat and what we drink. If you consume mostly nutrients and vitamins and drink plenty of water you will have beautiful, nourished and supple skin.

Also, take care of the hygiene, the pillow you sleep on must be clean.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue and lack of concentration are a sure sign that your body is overloaded with toxins. If you wake up in the morning or are often drowsy during the day, this is a typical sign that your body has an acidic environment and you need detoxification.

Frequent headaches

If you “get stuck” at weekends and drink a little more alcohol at night, you will probably wake up the next morning with a headache. It is a typical sign that you have toxins in your body.

If you have frequent headaches even though you do not drink alcohol frequently, then you must make certain dietary changes as food toxins can also cause headaches. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein and very little sugar will make you more focused and motivated.

If you are eating “clean” foods, you will greatly reduce your headaches.

Chronic pain

Long-term chronic pain usually occurs as a symptom of certain inflammatory processes in the body resulting from the accumulation of toxins. It can be a pain in the neck, back, joints, bones, etc.

It’s so-called “quiet pain” that is meant to remind us that something in the body is not working properly.

Sleep problems

If it takes you a long time to fall asleep or wake up at night and fail to fall asleep again quickly and easily then the reason may lie in the accumulated toxins and negative energy in the body.

To improve sleep in addition to dietary changes, start with physical activity. Exercise will free you from negative energy and improve your mental health and thus your sleep.

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Bad breath and body odor

Very often, if the body is packed with so many toxins, it can be reflected as a bad smell on the whole body, on sweat, but mostly on the breath. Bad breath is the result of bacteria and toxins that accumulate on the tongue. The most common cause is fast food and foods that contain a lot of sugars.

Allergies and rashes

When you consume something your body does not recognize, the body produces inflammatory processes that can cause redness and skin rash. If you have allergies and rashes of many types of foods very often, you should visit a doctor and have an allergy test to know exactly what food is causing your allergy.

Lack of energy and depression

If you treat your body like a garbage can, don’t expect the body to be “fine” with you. Lack of energy, fatigue, headache, and low concentration will make you feel bad and can cause depression.

By changing your eating habits and starting a physical activity you will create positive energy in the body that will give you the motivation and desire to live.

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Hormonal imbalance and poor libido

If you have problems with hormones and have an irregular cycle, then it is very likely that the reason for this is in the lifestyle you live. Accumulated toxins and poor nutrition can be a cause of hormone problems, but also of reduced libido and a desire for sex.

Saturated fat around the waist

If you have accumulated fat around your waist and you have a very big problem reducing it, then look for the reason in your lifestyle. Fat around the stomach is usually the result of hormone imbalance, and as mentioned above hormone imbalance is linked to diet. The accumulated toxins in the body cause a whole host of disorders that can affect the overall functioning of the body.

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