14 Facts You Might Not Be Able To Forget

If you’re reading this just before you are about to fall asleep, then we suggest that you not read this article right now. Because once you’ve read this, there will be more thoughts triggered and you will have to say bye-bye to sleep for a very, very long time. No, we are serious. If you have an important meeting tomorrow morning or have a breakfast date, we suggest you scroll down right now or close this window.

No? Are you not willing to take our word for it? Okay then! This is on you. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. Here are 14 incredible facts that you won’t be able to get off your mind for a long time!

Fact No. 1: Your hand can be your compass. No, we don’t mean the one that shows you directions (or probably doesn’t, if you happen to be Captain Jack Sparrow), but the one we used in Geometry class to draw angles. All you have to do is spread out all the fingers, as much as you can, and then start measuring. The angle between your thumb and little finger is 90, between your thumb and the ring finger is 30, between your thumb and middle finger 45, and between your thumb and forefinger 60. Don’t believe us? Measure it! Yes, go on. Do it right now!

Fact No. 2: Of all the people you meet in your lifetime, 16 of them will most likely be murderers and you will have absolutely no clue about their darkest secret. How did we reach this specific number? Well, we didn’t. Some bloke on Reddit did. And he’s done a very neat job too! He’s actually done a very detailed calculation that leaves us with this exact number. Spooky, huh? So, who do you think, amongst all the people that you have met, is most likely to be a murderer?

Fact No. 3: You can actually claim that you are creating history by shuffling a pack of cards. Crazy, right? But it is not magic, just plain old mathematics! Since there are 52 cards in a deck and there are 52 different cards that could be in the first place, and 52 different cards that could be in the second place and 52 different cards in the third place… well, you get the picture. There are almost infinite ways in which you might end up arranging the cards and, in all possibility, no one else in history has shuffled cards and gotten that exact combination ever before.

Fact No. 4: Instead of memorizing the famous rhyme “30 days have September, yadda yadda yadda,” just use the knuckles on your hand to find out which months have 30 days and which have 31. Simple.

Fact No. 5: If you think that ordering a 43-inch pizza is a better idea than ordering two 30-inch pizzas because you don’t want to waste any pizza, then you are wrong. A 43-inch pizza is actually bigger than the two of them combined.

Fact No. 6: The saliva in your mouth is a painkiller. Which is probably why sucking your finger after hitting it with a nail makes it better.

Fact No. 7: Our brains literally cannot see some colors. And we are not talking about color blind people here. NO ONE can see some colors because it is beyond our capacity of imagination. Like the color yellow-blue. All we can imagine is green, but a yellow-blue color actually exists.

Fact No. 8: We are all made of stardust. And no, we are not quoting poetry here, we are telling you the truth. The oxygen, carbon, calcium, and iron that makes up our bodies were all scattered all over when the stars exploded. So, there you go!

Fact No. 9: By retirement age, you will lose 50% of your taste buds and won’t be able to tell the difference between bitter, sour, sweet, and salty.

Fact No. 10: You lose your sense of smell when you’re asleep.

Fact No. 11: In case an expectant mother’s internal organs are damaged, her life is saved by the unborn baby who sends stem cells to protect her. Neat, huh?

Fact No. 12: If we could tap into the energy produced by our heart and brain on a daily basis, we would be able to do a 30-km trip in a truck and light a bulb of 10 watts respectively.

Fact No. 13: The lines on roads and traffic signal lights are much bigger than the size we perceive them to be. This is because of a phenomenon known as size perception.

Fact No. 14: In a year, 98% of the atoms in your body get replaced. Which basically means a completely new you on New Year’s Day, quite literally!

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