The bra has become a key element of fashion and almost an obligation, but do you know the risks of wearing brasier?

The most powerful weapon to fight against breast cancer is information, likewise, one of the main enemies we have is bad information or incorrect information that comes in the form of myths about the misuse of a bra.

6 Bad decisions when using bra:

  • A smaller size bra

In addition to being uncomfortable, a smaller size bra can also cause serious problems like breast cancer. When you use smaller sizes, these make your breasts oppress and little by little you start accumulating a small layer of grease on the inside of your breast, which can lead up to a generation of tumors. Do not put your health at risk!

  • Wearing the same bra for a very long time

Using an old bra could cause your breasts to sag. After a long time, they will lose their shape. Using an old bra will cause your breasts to lose their firmness. It will be much more difficult to do exercises to return their initial position than to buy a new bra.

  • Bras that leave marks on all sides

If your bra that leaves marks on all sides you should change it. It can cause problems with your blood circulation. Beware!

  • Tighten a bra too much

There are clips in the back of your bra, these not only come as an ornament but to avoid discomfort. Adjust them so you can feel comfortable. You can cause poor circulation of blood if you tighten your straps too much.

  • Use the back high

The band that has the back of the bra should not raise it so much, it must be below the high back. Because if you place it higher, you will be hurting your armpits. Simply don’t raise this band. It won’t make your breasts more pronounced if that’s what you were wondering.

  • Wearing a “normal” bra for several days in a row

Switch up your bras. Don’t just go with the “traditional bra”. Instead, opt to use a sports bra from time to time.




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