8 Alarming Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen

Estrogen is the major female hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the reproductive system, as well as the sexes (breast growth, braided fibers and menstrual cycle). It is important to control and maintain a normal level of estrogen, as excessive amounts can cause cancer. Therefore, it is good to know what are the warning signs that you have too much estrogen in your body.


There are 2 ways to naturally increase estrogen levels – during puberty and during pregnancy. But the increase in levels may also be due to other reasons. Excess estrogen can be caused by the environment or diet.

Nowadays it is not difficult to raise estrogen levels as you can find it in foods that contain toxic pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones. Well, carefully select the products you buy and always check the ingredients and where they are made.

Apart from these reasons, there are other factors that affect estrogen levels and are related to lifestyle:

  1. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs
  2. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.
  3. Stress


Notice the following signs and see a doctor immediately if you find something disturbing.

  • Swollen and sensitive breasts

Many women experience a change in their breasts during the cycle and during pregnancy because the breasts are really hormone-sensitive. If your chest is sensitive, aching, or swollen, it may be a sign of high estrogen levels.

  • Changing mood

Estrogen affects your mental state and emotions. These feelings can be similar to PMS symptoms. You may feel depressed or anxious, and your emotions will change for no reason.

  • Fibrocystic lumps in the breast

If estrogen dominates, you may feel lumps in your chest. They can be sensitive or painful. If you notice any lumps or changes in your breasts, see your doctor immediately.

  • Hair loss

This is usually a male problem, but when the body becomes more estrogenic, your hair may fall more than usual. This can cause even more severe depression. But remember that the number of fallen fibers also depends on your lifestyle.

  • Obesity

If you have noticed that you are not eating too much and are over-active and are lifting pounds, you may have excess estrogen in your body. Bloating can also occur and make it difficult to lose weight, even with a diet.

  • Irregular menstruation

This is a particularly important sign for women who have regular menstruation that suddenly starts sooner or later. Your menstrual cycle is controlled by the levels of hormones in the body, so if there is an imbalance, changes will occur.

  • Permanent fatigue

If you have trouble sleeping, you may experience constant fatigue and this is normal. But if you have noticed that you are tired more often than usual and have not made any lifestyle changes, you may need to check the hormones in your body.

  • Sleep problems

Excess estrogen can also cause various sleep problems. You may be talkative and unable to sleep, or vice versa – constantly sleeping. Notice if there are any changes in your sleeping habits without altering your stress level.

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