8 Kinds Of Pain That Are Directly Connected To Emotional States

Life is a roller coaster of emotions. One moment we can be high off life and without a moment’s notice, life shifts. Something is triggered by someone or something around us. Suddenly we find ourselves kicked down and feelings are exceedingly negative as opposed to the warm fuzziness we felt a few minutes before. The pain is not always only emotional, but sometimes also physical.

Emotions Wreaking Havoc on your Body?

Because our mind, body, and spirit are intertwined together, it is crucial that we listen to the signals that our body sends. Our mental and emotional state can have a huge impact on our bodies – even causing physical pain. If you can’t quite figure out where the pain in your body could possibly be stemming from, here are several kinds of pain directly connected to emotional states to lookout for.  

Head Pain:

One of the most common indications that you are experiencing extreme stress, is severe headaches or migraines. A great way to blow off this steam is to start taking care of your needs and doing things that you love to bring out your inner happiness. While everyone finds happiness and stress relief in different ways, some helpful ways to release from stress is through reading, writing, exercising, different forms of meditation, or listening to your favorite music.

Neck Pain:

Neck pain can be a big sign of people having difficulties letting go and forgiving people. Choosing compassion and empathy while remembering that no one, including ourselves, is perfect can be helpful in alleviating this form of stress. Love others for their imperfections, and don’t allow what others do to get the best of you.

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Shoulder Pain:

That nagging shoulder pain you may be experiencing is also a common sign that you may be experiencing forms of emotional buildup or blockage. While you may be stuffing your emotions deep down inside, its best you choose to face these emotions rather than ignore them.

Upper / Lower Back Pain:

Lack of emotional support can be felt in your upper back. Upper back pain tends to become present from feeling unloved, unwanted, underappreciated, or loneliness. Worries or fears stemming from financial situations will likely be felt in the form of lower back pain.

Elbow Pain:

If you are experiencing stiff elbow pain, your body may be telling you to approach life in a more structured and detailed manner. This type of pain also can mean there is an unwillingness to change. As your elbow begins to become stiffer, it’s an indication of the stiff life you are leading. Switching things up in your life periodically allows you to not get so used to keeping things so structured. It also keeps you open to new and unexpected surprises and experiences.

Pain in Your Hands:

If you are subconsciously looking to connect with people in a different way, and aren’t fully tapping into those wants and needs, pain through your hands may become more prevalent. Restoring relationships, meeting new people, or choosing to adjust some of your relationships may aid in the hand pain you’re experiencing.

Hip Pain:

The feeling of pain in your hips is so much more symbolic than just simply hip pain and functionality in movement, but also a fear of moving forward in life. Fear of moving forward in life can be debilitating and could be a sure sign of why you may be experiencing your hip pain.


It’s important as you notice the above signs your body may be experiencing to remember self-care. That way we can adjust our lifestyle to make sure we are supporting all our systems – mental, emotional and physical. It may be shocking to believe that these several forms of bodily pain can develop due to emotions that come from what life throws at us. Our minds and bodies are constantly taking on significant life changes, and often we tend to believe we are stronger than we think. It’s always a good idea to be literally self conscious and take some down time when needed.

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