8 Personality Traits Of A Classy Woman That Have Nothing To Do With Luxuries

Having class isn’t about what you have on, what brands you wear or whether you know all the hottest fashion and makeup tips. Class comes from personality and the essence of every woman. It is acquired gradually, beginning in childhood and these are the traits which demonstrate it:

1. Character

A woman who has class is respectful and kind with others, rarely screaming or becoming aggressive. They generally resolve their problems via dialogue. They’re women who know how to wait and be patient. They understand very well that the way they ask for things is reflected in how they receive.

2. Smile

Women with class know the importance of a smile, you’ll never see them with a furrowed brow. Every time they go out, they offer smiles to those they meet.

3. The way in which they view their lives

They never give up on themselves. While they know that they must help others, they never neglect to take care of their own wants and needs. For them, living life is about enjoying every day as if it were their last. They’re adventurous and appreciate the small details.

4. Their smell

The aromas they choose always go with their style. The more romantic will tend to opt for more flowery and sweet perfumes, while more adventurous women will probably go for citrus-scented perfumes. Women with class have a favorite perfume which all of those around her can distinguish, making her aroma her distinctive trademark.

5. Her goals and ambitions

They love goals and challenges which allow them to learn. They’re women who are committed to every aspect of their life, especially family and work.

6. The way they walk

You’ll never see them hunched over or looking at the ground. They walk tall and confident in their stride, because they know their own worth. Class comes from self-esteem. If that is healthy, then it’ll be reflected in every part of her body and her expressions.

7. Her wardrobe

The colors which dominate her wardrobe say a lot about her. Women with class choose neutral colors with a few louder colors and prints. They’re women who have whatever they need for any occasion. They never look bored.

8. Independence

They appreciate their job and everything it has given them. They strive to improve every day. Rarely do you see them doubt themselves.

Women with class are women who make those around them happier and more positive, just by being themselves. They spread their strength and confidence to all those around them. All women have have a classy woman inside of us.

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