9 Reasons Why your Belly is Bloated and How to Fix it

The uncomfortable feeling that we all experienced, the abdominal bloating. You may don’t know this, but the stomach bloating is not always related to food.

Even women shouldn’t consider it as a premenstrual consequence. If you maintain proper diet and you are not on period you need to look at some of these following reasons for stomach bloating.

Causes of stomach bloating:

Drinking Through a Straw

You can get bloated feeling and tired by just drinking through a straw, what and how you drink liquids affects your stomach. It is not recommended to drink through straw because on that way you swallow additional air and that can make your stomach floated.

Chewing Gum

Yes, chewing gum is one of the main reasons for bloated belly. The reason is this, when we chew a gum we tend to swallow a lot of air.

Drinking Carbonated Drinks

All carbonated drinks, for example a beer or a soda bring bubbles straight in to your stomach and that brings more air to your belly. You need to beware of commercially bought dietary drinks such as juices and shakes also because they contain artificial sweeteners that our bodies can’t disintegrate.

Eating Too Fast

There are some people who swallow the food too fast, instead of chewing it. You need to know that that causes your belly to bloat.

You must shew the food into your mouth until it breaks down to small pieces before you swallow it if you want to avoid this problem. In addition of that, slow eating reduces your food intake, and that can be beneficial if you want to lose some weight.

Bacterial Overgrowth

This kind of disorder brings abdominal pain difficultness and bloating in absorbing nutrients and it affects the digestive tract. Because of the bacteria overgrowth, the intestines and the whole digestive system can be pretty sensitive and as a result of that inflammation can occur.

Use of Certain Types of Medications

Using certain types of drugs, such as contraceptives and other hormonal pills can result with abdominal bloating. For instance, the pills that contain estrogen can slow down the digestive system, causing constipation and gases.

The same result can be expected by the pain medications as well as antibiotics. While the antibiotics fight the bad bacteria they also hamper the good bacteria.

This in turn can affect our intestinal health, causing flatulence and gases.

Lack of Physical Activity or Sitting for too Long

Long term continuous sitting will cause many problems in the human body. One of these problems is bloated stomach.

Namely, while we sit the organism slows down and same does the digestion and the metabolism. You need to consider taking a walk every hour just to restart your body.

Frequent Travels

It doesn’t make a difference where you travel, whether is for business or for your own pleasure, flying in the usual means of transport. Under high pressure and at high altitudes the gases trapped in your body expand and that is making you to feel bloating and uncomfortable.

In addition of that, when we are traveling we usually don’t stick to a healthy nutrition plan, quite the opposite, we usually eat salty snacks on the airplane and drink carbonated soda. And because of the tight schedule or sightseeing we don’t have enough time to exercise.

Rarely but Possible Cancer

Inflammation of the digestive system and constipation are common symptoms of colon cancer. These are often accompanied with excessive gases being trapped in the human body, which in turn causes pain and bloating.

Colon cancer also comes with other symptoms. The affected person may suffer from anemia, bleeding from the anal canal and unusual and inexplicable weight loss.

Bloating, weight loss, abdominal pain are all also symptoms of ovarian cancer.

We recommend you to listen to your body and consult your doctor whenever you feel that something is wrong.

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