Baking Soda and Castor Solves Over 24 Issues

Castor oil is highly beneficial for many medical conditions and has been used for many centuries. As per the holistic medicine, this oil can be much stronger compared to traditional medications in some cases.


These products have healing properties and ancient cures utilized since ancient times. Individuals know this now and utilize them and no meds.

These are 24 purposes of the mix of castor oil and baking soda:

  1. Back rub the scalp with castor oil for 20 minutes before shampooing for a speedier hair development
  2. Treat skin disease with the blend of castor oil and baking soda
  3. Utilize castor oil coatings for 2 weeks to quit wheezing
  4. Apply castor oil coatings for seven days to calm back torment
  5. Wipe out the calcium stores by rubbing the soles with it
  6. Put castor oil coatings on your feet to treat parasitic contaminations
  7. Enhance hearing by applying a couple of drops in the ear
  8. Back rub the stomach with it over the most recent 2 months of the pregnancy to counteract extend marks
  9. Treats cuts, wounds, and bruises
  10. Cures hepatitis
  11. Blend it with baking soda to treat confront spots
  12. Utilize it as an alternative to eye drops to cure cataracts
  13. Cures pilonidal pimples
  14. Abandon it to act overnight to treat a sprained lower leg
  15. Castor oil coatings is beneficial for diarrhea
  16. Alleviates swellings and bee stings
  17. Put it on the neck to treat roughness and vocal ropes knobs
  18. Anticipate eye hypersensitivities by rubbing this oil on your eyelids
  19. Use 5 drops in the morning to treat hypersensitivities
  20. Use 6-8 drops of it for 4 months to treat tinnitus
  21. Take a couple of drops for nicotine and liquor fixation
  22. Rub it on warts for a month to kill them
  23. Apply the covering on the stomach to treat paunch hyperactivity
  24. Rub this oil on the moles to kill them

Instructions to make a castor oil covering:

Use baking soda to clean the place. At that point, use warm castor oil and soak gauze in it. Put it on the place you need to treat, wrap it with thwart, and put a jug with boiling water over it. At that point, secure everything with a towel, and abandon it to work 60 minutes. Rehash every day.


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