Did You Know That This Great Remedy Can Stop a Problems To Anyone In The Bones and Also Joints

It is well known that many people in their lives at some point are suffering from bone pain, as you will know this is very uncomfortable. And in many cases, the pain can be so intense that it leaves us prostrate in bed. Normally, these pains are related to age, but the truth is that everyone could reach us.

However, at present, sensitivity, pain in the bones or muscle pain are very common. We have almost always seen that these problems are related to the elderly.

Therefore, when we are young, we do not pay any attention to bone health.

However, as we get older, we realize that it would have been worth paying attention to the bones in our youth. As we get older, joint pains begin to make us suffer.

This is not something strange. When we grow old, we stop being as active as before. For this reason, both the volume of muscles and bones decreases. Therefore, we will be more likely to suffer from a fracture or joint pain.

But in this article we want to tell you about a very good recipe to improve bone health.

Some specialists say that pain in the bones does not exist, that what hurts are the joints. However, what we are sure of is that these pains are unbearable and we want to eliminate them.

Some say that these pains are the prelude to cancer in the bones, fractures or injuries.

Something that can be of great help in these cases is the use of warm baths, massages and frequent stretching. That way, we can manage to face these pains and improve our bone health.

Remedy for pain in bones and joints

Normally, pain in the bones and joints is often confused with arthritis or osteoarthritis.

This is a pain product of the progressive wear of the cartilage in the joints.

As a result, the bones begin to rub and the joints begin to ache.

Among the areas most susceptible to this type of problem we can mention the hands, waist, neck, shoulders, knees, hip, etc.

Back pains, especially in the lower back, are not included in the previous group, because they are usually due to bad posture or appear after lifting a very heavy object.

But for other cases, we can prepare the next remedy to eliminate joint pain.

What we will need:

-Aspirin 300 mg (10 tablets)

-Alcohol 70% (300 ml)

-Yodo (100 ml)

Preparation and Use:

First, we should crush the aspirin very well until a fine powder is left.

Afterwards, we will mix it with alcohol and iodine.

This mixture will let it rest for 21 days in a dark and cool place.

Exhausted that time, we will throw a little of this product in the hand and rub it on the aching joints.

While we apply it, we will perform gentle massages until it has been completely absorbed.

Depending on where the pain is suffered, we can use compresses.

Some recommendations:

-Constantly watch your weight. If you suffer from overweight, you will cause a lot of damage to your bones and joints.

-It performs physical activity such as gymnastics, stretching, swimming, etc. These exercises are very good for bone health.

-Increase your calcium intake through whole-grain flours, sesame seeds, chia, etc.

– Be very careful when carrying a heavy object.

– If you load it badly, you can cause a lot of damage to your bones and muscles.

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