Did You Know The Way You Cross Your Fingers Says Quite A Lot About Your Personality?

Body language is a term you may have heard before but did you know the deeper meaning behind it? Did you know you are expressing yourself without your knowledge using your body language? Did you know there are many people who can just take one quick glance at you and find out more about you than you would like?

If you’ve seen the BBC TV show, Sherlock you may have noticed instances where Sherlock, the main character just looks at people and deduces their entire lives. In real life reading body language isn’t so impressive and you can’t find out every bit of information about a person but many who have studied in the field of body language reading can do some pretty remarkable body reading.

1 What is body language?

Categorized as a form of non-verbal communication that uses the body, be it physical gestures, your posture or facial expressions to express what the person is feeling inside without using words. Even simple things such as eye movement can tell a bit about someone. Body language is also found in animals.

What is body language?

2 Is body language related to sign language?

No, sign language is like any ordinary language. It is complex and has its own grammar system. Body language, on the other hand, has no systems or grammar. It needs to be interpreted in a wide sense. There isn’t any absolute meaning to any gesture or movement like sign language.

Is body language related to sign language?

3 The categories of body language

The first one is facial expressions; these can be a combination of various facial features acting together such as the eyes, lips, nose, cheek movements, and eyebrows. It is these facial expressions that let us know when a person is happy, sad, angry, etc.

The categories of body language

4 The Body

How does our body show feelings? It all depends on the posture. For example, if a person was angry, their body language would be that of a dominating type. Whereas, a fearful person would have a body displaying avoidance tendencies. Their posture would be that of a weak or submissive stance.

The Body

5 Gestures

Gestures are another type of body language. The way you move your arms or legs, be it voluntary or involuntary, these gestures can be interpreted in many ways. The way we move or suddenly react physically upon hearing something comes under this category. A fine example of gesture body language is the ‘shoulder shrug’. It is universally known as the go-to gesture when someone doesn’t understand something.


6 Handshake and breathing

You may have seen this in many movies and TV shows that when someone is being questioned the camera focuses on his or her breathing. This isn’t just for show as scientists have discovered that our breathing is a big give away to how we are actually feeling. A relaxed person breathes slowly and deeply while someone nervous or under pressure takes rapid, shallow breaths. Handshakes have been associated with the level of confidence one has.

Handshake and breathing

7 Other body language gestures

While these are all big and complex what about the small parts of our bodies? Our fingers for example; what do our fingers say when they are placed naturally? What can someone who has learned about body language say about the way a person crosses their fingers? Keep reading:

Other body language gestures

8 If you keep your left thumb on top

If you cross your fingers in a way that your left thumb is situated on top of your right thumb, it says that you are most probably a practical person. Your head comes before your heart and you do not let emotions take over your rationality. You always focus on logic and try to maximize your productivity.

If you keep your left thumb on top

9 Among people

A trait that makes you popular among your friends and family is that you use your intelligence to attain resources. You also use your intelligence to sense when you are being lied to. A lovable quality about you is also that you are blessed with a quirky sense of humor. It will work in your favor and can save your life in a tough situation or can just help you court your love interest. Your sense of humor often helps you get out of awkward situations.

Among people

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10 Love and relationships

As far as relationships are concerned, your personality is the reason you are likely to have many potential partners lining up for your attention. You, however, will choose a partner with whom you can connect on a deeper, intellectual level. Rest assured, your partner will never get bored of you as you will always have something to talk about.

Love and relationships

11 If Both your Thumbs are Aligned

If this is your preferred position, then you are most likely to be a confident individual. You are well-suited to leadership and it comes easily to you. People notice this and appreciate it. But you are surely not autocratic. You like to listen to people’s opinions and take them into account before making a decision. You are very sensitive to people’s emotions and go to great lengths to ensure your decisions do not adversely affect people.

If Both your Thumbs are Aligned

12 Around people

This concern also applies to when you speak your mind. You are careful not to hurt people while speaking your mind. However, apart from speaking, you also hear others and notice things. This often allows you to think deeper about some issues and provides you with valuable insights. You do not like to share these with people and most do not even know this about you. You are a hard worker and are rewarded for your hard work and dedication by success.

Around people

13 In love and relationships

When it comes to relationships, your overall disarming frankness and kind nature makes it easy for your partner to be open to you and respect you more. You constantly supply energy into the relationship, even if it is a long one. You are always in it for the long run.

In love and relationships

14 If your right thumb is on top

If this is how you prefer to keep your fingers while crossing your hands, then you are a very self-aware person. You are fully in touch with your emotions and can also notice small shifts in emotions in people around you. You have the ability to see through people’s demeanor into what they really are. This is one of the reasons why your family and friends like to talk to you and share things with you. You make people feel comfortable when they open up to you.

If your right thumb is on top

15 This also means that

You also have the ability to notice things that often go unnoticed by others. This gives you an edge over others, in the sense that you can think uniquely because you have unique data. When it comes to making decisions you are very intuitive. You will follow your instincts and decide based on them however if it is a very important decision with great implications, you will take your time with it and weigh the pros and cons and then decide.

This also means that

16 Love and relationships

In your relationship, you are supremely intuitive and can almost see through your partner. You are likely to know what’s on the rind without them even telling you. You supply emotional support to your partner and they love you for it. You have the ability to handle it when people throw emotions at you and in return, you provide them with love and warmth.

Love and relationships


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