Normally when we have insect bites we de-emphasize the fact, since sometimes we confuse them with the type of injury left by the mosquitoes.

This is a problem that we cannot let go unnoticed, so it is important to know in time what has stung us to avoid complications in our health.

We present the 8 most common insect bites


It happens when the ants make the injection of poison into the skin of people, which makes us feel itchy, the skin becomes inflamed and irritated. Avoid the symptoms by applying a cream with cortisone in the place where the ant stung you. Also, if blisters come out, avoid breaking them so the area does not get infected.

Wasps or bees

They are extremely painful stings, because the sting of the wasp or bee remains embedded in the area. As there are many allergic people, they should take the necessary precautions to avoid a short term illness.


They are bites of subcutaneous insects and have an appearance of reddened bubbles. In this case you do not need more attention, so the ideal is to apply a cream and massage gently.

Only in case of any secondary discomfort should you attend the doctor. Among them you can observe gland inflammation, fever, joint pain or skin breakouts. This indicates that the mosquito or mosquito was infected.


Mostly spider bites are harmless. Except those received by the famous black widow or the brown recluse spider.

The shape of a spider’s bite is two little dots that identify the area where it has bitten you. So it is very particular and easy to identify.


Its sting is dangerous in people, since it can cause the transmission of diseases . The most common are Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and Lyme disease.

If a tick bites you, you should remove it immediately using tweezers. Hold it firmly and gently pull it up to remove it from the skin. Avoid the use of oil or heat. Once outside, you should clean the area with soap and water, but if you like you can add alcohol.


Flea bites are recognized because they are small red bumps on the skin that itch a lot. You must start by washing the hives with soap and water. Then apply some cream or ointment to reduce the itch. Avoid scratching yourself since you could cause an infection.

Scorpions or scorpion

With this type of insect bites you have to be very careful, so you must take into account three important factors to know their level of severity:

  1. What is the type of scorpionthat stung you?
  2. The age of the person(it is more dangerous in the small ones).
  3. The amount of poisonthat it introduced into the body.

Remember that if you continue to feel bad, you should go to the doctor to receive the necessary care.

The indications to treat the sting

Begin by carefully removing the sting from the person’s body. Avoid using tweezers to remove it , because if you press them too much, the poison sac could explode and the level of the poison inside the body will increase. We recommend using a razor to scrape the area.

Once the sting is removed, wash the affected area well with soap and water. Then apply ice for 10 minutes, let stand and repeat the process.

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