Don’t Throw Away Your Tea Bags. Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Plant Them Instead

Spending some time alone with a cup of tea in your hand can be a priceless moment. While you enjoy the taste of your favorite tea think about all the benefits from it and the one thing you might usually throw in the trash.

If you are a regular tea drinker, you probably thought about tea bags and in what possible ways you could use them. As it turns out, tea bags are not as useless as you might think.

The good news for all tea lovers out there is that there are plenty of reasons to keep the tea bags and reuse them. From skin care, hair care, to gardening – the range is wide.

Here are 10 reasons how you can help the environment by reusing tea bags:

  1. Tea bags are made to decompose

Fun fact: In Britain, tea bags are made out of a relative of the banana. Placing compost pile or acidic tea leaves in your soil will increase the decomposition of food or paper products. According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, the bag itself will decompose and within about six months, the little amount of plastic they use to seal the tea bag will break down too.

  1. Tea bags add nutrients to the soil

Tea bags are rich in tannic acid and other nutrients that will increase the nitrogen levels, thus making the soil more fertile. A healthier growing environment is created when tea leaves decompose and they provide food for earthworms that are somewhat useful in your garden, as they till the dirt.

  1. Eliminate excess waste

By burying the used teabags in your garden, you reduce waste and at the same time, give the soil the required nutrients.

  1. Deter pests and bugs from crawling

Tea bags and coffee grounds have the same effect on pests – they prevent pests from crawling on your plants. Pests and bugs will stop chewing on the leaves and flowers because of the odor.

  1. Cats cannot stand the odor either

Toss used tea bags or sprinkle coffee grounds around the garden and your pets from urinating. Additionally, you can use tea bags with indoor plants to prevent the same thing.

  1. Grow a garden with tea bags

With a little help from tea bags, a plastic tray, paper towel, and water, you can grow your own garden. As the Kiwi Conservation Club proposes, you only need to germinate seeds with tea bags and plant them in the soil. Expect the unexpected.

  1. Retain water in the soil

Bury used tea bags near the roots of flowers you planted in your garden or the veggies. Tea bags act like a sponge, therefore they will help the plants retain more water. It is best to plant them in summer, so your plants stay fresh.

  1. Tea leaves are food for earthworms

It is safe for worms to consume tea leaves. Worms digest the leaves and produce fertilizer which is rich in nutrients. With those nutrients the soil becomes healthier for your plants and they grow in a healthy environment.

  1. Decompose food and other items faster

The decomposition process can speed up if you use tea bags, as the acids in the tea will speed up the process.

  1. Prevent weeds from growing in your garden

Tea bags can impede the appearance of weeds in the garden. Now you’ll have more time for your plants, as you will care less for the annoying weeds.

You won’t regret trying these suggestions and your garden will be thankful for the effort.

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