If you cannot lose weight, try these 34 tricks that will reset your fat-burning hormones

Women with weight problems suffer from fatty liver, gallbladder problems, depression, high levels of cholesterol, or pre-diabetes. When they get unexplained weight, it is associated with hormonal imbalance which is a very common problem among the women.

In order to do its job every hormone is key that should be turned into a lock and could be affected by many inflammations and on that way reduce the effectiveness of the hormone.

Reasons why the receptor sites might be ineffective:


When there is too much grain from wheat, barley, rye, and corn products that are usually GMO
In case of exposure to xenoestrogens – substances present in the food, environment, and the products for personal care
Foods such as meat, dairy, eggs, that come from animals that have been given some growth hormones
Excessive intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine,
In case when there is too much fructose it comes from high fructose corn syrup, tomatoes and unsweetened apple sauce,
You should make changes in your daily routine and balance the hormones if you want to reset the hormones and that will result in a healthy weight loss.
Estrogen 101
Imbalance with progesterone, leads to water retention, loss of memory, and migraine, as well as fat deposits in the thighs and hips and it might also speed up the aging process.

Way how to balance it:

To prevent the estrogen dominance you should apply a topical progesterone cream;
Consume food rich in copper like avocados, seeds , nuts, chocolate, and shellfish because copper has been associated with estrogen and the women that use birth control pills are having more problems with estrogen dominance;
Before consumption you must wash the fruits and the veggies in order to remove all harmful substances like fungicides, herbicides, etc.
Avoid reheating the food in plastic containers;
Drink water from glass and from stainless steel bottles, not from plastic ones;
Avoid using personal care products that have parabens and phthalates;
Try to add 2 – 3 cardamom seeds to your soups, stews, and in the other bean dishes as cardamom can cleanse the liver that is pivotal for the balance of hormones;
Take 100 mg of DIM twice a day, with meals, to control the estrogen metabolism.


When one person drinks too much caffeinated drinks and alcohol and also smokes a lot the risk of insulin spikes is higher. If there is unhealthy diet and too much intake of fat the blood sugar levels could be increased and speed the accumulation of fat. When the receptors are blocked the insulin resistance occurs and it causes high level of triglycerides and high blood sugar levels.

Way to clean the insulin receptors:

You should take a glass of water mixed with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with each meal

Consume warm lemon water, not coffee in the morning, just before breakfast

You should avoid adding sugar to the drinks, smoothies, and baked goods. Instead of that use Stevia- a natural herb that doesn’t lead to high levels of sugar in your blood

You can add bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon to meals for a much easier metabolism of sugar


Leptin is the hormone of satiety and in case you feel hungry soon after a meal, your leptin receptors might be clogged. When you consume less healthy fats and more fructose the problem could worsen.

Way to clean the leptin receptors:

You should eat foods that rich in fructose

You should eat a plant-based protein smoothie half an hour after waking up

Black currant seed oil improve the metabolism, fight off the inflammation, and have shiny and healthy nails, hair, and skin

This stress hormone activated when one is stressed, doesn’t sleep enough, or if they are exposed to EMF. Wireless devices increase the production of cortisol. In case of high levels of this hormone were associated with body fat, poor immunity, inflammation, andsalt and sugar cravings.

Way to clean the cortisol receptors:

You should drink cup of coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil and vanilla whey protein in order to prevent the cortisol levels from increasing

Try to meditate and do yoga

Avoid using electronic devices and watching TV just before going to sleep; read a book instead

Thyroid hormones
These problems lead to joint ache, tiredness, depression, constipation, cold hands and feet, hair loss, dry skin, etc.

Way to clean the thyroid receptors:

Avoid consuming foods that are rich in gluten and instead of flour, you should use arrowroot or tapioca for thickening.

Try to use coconut oil for baking and cooking, because it’s rich in medium chain fatty acids that improve the metabolism and the thyroid function.

Consult your doctor for evaluation tests.

Human growth hormone
This hormone is responsible for growing, as well as for strong bones and a healthy heart. In situations when someone consumes too much dairy, meat, and eggs and this could lead to body fat, low libido, anxiety, loss of muscle mass, depression, and high blood pressure its functioning could be disrupted.

Way to clean the HGH receptors:

You should consume Montmorency tart cherries as they are rich in melatonin which can increase the levels of this hormone.

Have interval training because it can increase the levels of this hormone over 500%.

Avoid dairy products like butter, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, etc. to stay away from growth hormones.

You should eat organic meat and eggs that come from animals which haven’t been given growth hormone.

Leftovers from medications, heavy metals, excess hormones, chemicals, etc. might accumulate in the fat cells and thus cause weight gain. If you want to remove them from your body you need a detox.

How to do detox:

First you need to soak in bathwater with 2 cups of baking soda and 2 cups of sea salt. After that, wrap yourself in a towel and don’t shower for about 4 hours. This will bring the toxins to the skin’s surface and out of the body.

You need to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water every day as well as cranberry water as well.

Try to add flax seed and Chia seeds to your diet, that is, 2 – 4 tablespoons per day.

Try to use activated charcoal that absorb toxins from the stomach.

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