If You Get Chills When Listening To Music, It Could Be A Sign You’re Special

Do you experience a lump in your throat or get chills, while you are listening to a good song? If so, you are actually special.

Namely, those that experience sensations such as Goosebumps along their arms or a lump in their throats when they listen to music are special.

Mattew Sachs, an undergraduate student at Harvard University, along with a team of researchers, carried out a study on individuals that get sensations, while listening to music. Sachs analyzed the phenomenon to identify how such sensations were stimulated in the human body.

The study involved twenty students. In addition, 10 students reported experiencing these feelings of chills, while listening to music, whereas the other 10 students didn’t report such feelings.

After every participant listened to a piece of self-selected music, the researchers compared the scans and identified that participants that reacted to songs in that heightened manner had a different neurological structure from those that did not.

In other words, brain scans showed that the brain cell structures of those that felt the sensations, while listening to music, differed from those of the participants that did not feel such sensations.

Those that experienced chills had a higher neurological fiber volume that linked their auditory cortex to the part of their brains responsible for processing emotions. The fiber volume in the brain cells of those that experienced chills was denser, so that it enabled them to have better communication.

In fact, the fibers create a connection between the parts that process emotions and their auditory cortex, making them extremely sensitive to emotions.

Additionally, neuroscientists explain that individuals that experience such sensations may have strong receptivity compared to others.

These findings were published in Oxford Academic. Even though it was carried out on a small scale, it did show a great difference in the human brain cell structures.




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