Look 10 Years Younger in 20 Minutes

Believe it or not, those are my eyes before (5 months ago and a bit tanner) and after (today).  I’ve always struggled with bags under my eyes- even in my 3rd grade school picture I remember looking so tired.  (P.S. the after photo is not photo-shopped or made to look better).  Do you have this issue as well?  I have the solution for  you!

I’m 39, and quickly approaching 40.  Lately I’ve been complaining about the bags under my eyes being worse than ever.  This can be caused by lack of sleep, too much time on the screen, dehydration, or just age.  After googling ways to fight these bags- I came across the combo of using baking soda and lemon juice.  So, I thought, “what the heck, let’s give it a try!”  Almost everyone has these ingredients in their kitchen, right?


Grab your baking soda box, a fresh lemon (or lemon juice), spoon, and bowl.  This also works without the lemon if you don’t have one.  Just use water instead!  Here is a pic of the paste.  No need to measure,  just kept mixing a little bit of the lemon juice and baking soda until you get a light yellow paste and once the bubby chemical reaction subsides:

Then massage it under your eyes gently (careful not to get any in your eyes- ouch!) for about 5 minutes until you have covered the entire troubled area.  Here I am showing it on my makeup-free face (be nice, please)…

(don’t forget to repin above image for future reference-just click on photo to pin in top left-hand corner)

Let it sit for 20 minutes- go do the dishes or fold some laundry (or shop online- haha).  Then rinse well by splashing with cold water (will be hardened so be careful with your delicate under-eye skin).

I applied my daily eye cream…currently my new favorite is Skin2Spirit Age-Defying Caffeine Eye Cream and after some daily makeup…here is a selfie of how I looked today (without filter).

My eyes looked much less puffy and tired, and I was so excited!  I felt a lot more confident today knowing I was putting my best face forward.  Even if you use eye cream, I highly suggest this routine 1-2 times per week or more to boost the effects.

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