Monument Of Native American Hero “Crazy Horse” Slowly Taking Shape In South Dakota

The legendary Lakota Oglala leader Ta Sunko Witko or better known as Crazy Horse is widely known for his fight against the American government and as a protector of the Sioux principles and traditions.

He followed the rule that his people wanted to continue living their way and they only wanted to be left in peace.

His monument is taking shape in the Black Hills in South Dakota located just around 17 miles away from Mount Rushmore which is a place that had significant spiritual meaning for the Lakota people.

Construction experts say that this monument has been under construction for more than 60 years and that number will probably reach a 100 until it is finished.

The idea about the monument began at the beginning of the 1940s when Standing Bear, the then Lakota Chief wanted a monument of their beloved leader just like the Mount Rushmore monument. So he contacted a passionate Polish-American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski about which he agreed with great eagerness even though he didn’t receive any government funds for the project.

Luckily, Korczak was a dreamer and he believed that everything is possible if you work hard for it, and that’s why he started his project in 1948. Wanting to make it the biggest on the planet, all of his family got involved to help him. In 1982 he passed away, but his wife, kids, and even grandchildren have now taken over the project.

The face of Crazy Horse started to emerge in the mountain only by the end of the 1990s with the sculptors spending around 20 years just on his hair. It is planned that he is riding a horse as tall as 22 stories of a building but it is still a long way from being finished. Nobody knows the exact date when the project will be completed but Korczak’s daughter Monique said that they’re not rushing and they are taking as much time as they need for the sculpting. She also said that they’re going after her father’s example and model but they’re facing new challenges with cracks in the rocks.

Some people don’t like that they’re taking that much time to finish it, but Native Americans say that whenever it is finished, that will show the world the importance of Crazy Horse in their history.

The whole project didn’t receive government funding so the family has to find ways to collect money. One way of funding the project is through tickets that visitors buy to go to the top and see the face of the statue from up close as well as enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. They also plan to make a museum and the even an Indian University of North America around this location.

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