People across the globe have started realizing the enormous health benefits natural medicine can bring and are slowly turning away from conventional medicine and seeking solutions in the world of nature.

We’ve all come to realize that nature has a lot to offer and the natural remedies we can prepare at home are often much more effective that drugs and medications and have no unwanted side-effects.

In today’s article we want to show you one such remedy which can unclog your arteries and lower your blood pressure in a short period of time.

The recipe is of German origin and combines the power of 3 amazing ingredients, ginger, lemon and garlic.

All three of these ingredients are health beneficial on their own, but when combined they make a super-potent natural remedy that can fic even the most complicated health problems.

Garlic is known for its powerful antibiotic properties as well as for its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-viral properties.

The allicin found in garlic is the main active ingredient which accounts for its health benefits. Garlic is also abundant in fiber, vitamin C and B6 and manganese.

Ginger is probably the best antioxidant in the world and has the ability to fight inflammation and pain as well as many other health problems.

Lemons are a powerhouse of nutrients, high in vitamin C and alkaline properties which help regulate your pH balance.

German Recipe for Hypertension

You’ll need the following ingredients

4 garlic heads

4 lemons

4cm of ginger

of water

Preparation method:

First wash the lemons and the ginger and chop the lemon into slices. Peel the garlic and the ginger and toss everything in a blender. Pulse until everything is combined and transfer the mixture to a pot.

Place the pot over medium heat and bring it to a boil. Once it starts boiling set it aside and let it cool down. Strain the mixture, pour it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

Start consuming this drink as soon as you prepare it. One glass of the remedy first thing in the morning and you’ll soon start feeling its effects. It will unclog your arteries and stabilize your blood pressure.

You should shake the mixture well each time before you drink it.

The health benefits of this remedy are immense. You’ll be surprised of how much better you’ll start feeling and how everything you’ve struggled with will soon go away. Just make sure you drink it regularly and all your health problems will be resolved.


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