Stop Sleeping in That Position!

The position of sleeping that you love the most could be giving you back, as well as neck pain, stomach problems or premature wrinkles. In the lines below, discover the best positions for the body, as well as the positions you should avoid.

1. Best sleeping position: Sleeping on the back.

The first positive thing that sleeping on your back will prevent is neck and back pain with maintaining a neutral position of the head, neck and spine. Also, it is going to reduce acid reflux with keeping the head elevated above the stomach. The third good thing is that it actually minimizes wrinkles. The reason for that is that nothing pushes against your face.

Snoring is actually the only negative think when you sleep on your back. If you have some problems with snoring, you should find your perfect pillow. It has to be a puffy one, so that it is going to keep your head and neck supported without propping your head up to much.

2. Ok sleeping position: Sleeping on the side.

This is a sleeping position which is actually bad for your face and breasts. You will get constant mushing of your face from one side, and prominent sagging of the breasts. If you sleep in this position, you are definitely going to need to find the perfect pillow for you. It has to be a thick one so that it can actually fill the space above the shoulders, so your head and back will be supported in a natural position.

This is actually a posture which is quite good in a way that it reduces snoring by elongating the spine. Also, it will reduce acid reflux with keeping the head elevated above the stomach. Also, it is going to be very useful during pregnancy, particularly sleeping on the left side. It is ideal for your blood flow. If you cannot help in sleeping on the side, do not sleep on the right side by any means.

3. Bad sleeping position: Fetal position.

When you sleep in this position, you should try not to curve your back too much. Anyways, this is a position which is not good for you. It also increases arthritic pain as keens are bent for a long time during the night and it makes you keep your neck, as well as spine non-natural way.

It can also restrict the diaphragmatic breathing, and it will result in premature facial wrinkles as it gives too much stress on the face and breasts. However, it can also be useful at a time of the pregnancy.

4. Avoid sleeping position: Sleeping on the stomach.

The first reason for avoiding this position is as it is hard to maintain a neutral spine position. It also puts some pressure on the joints and muscles that can irritate nerves and lead to pain, numbness, as well as tingling. Also, the constant incorrect head position may actually lead to headaches.

Nonetheless, keeping your face down will keep your upper airways more open. So, if you don’t snore or don’t suffer from back or neck pain, it will be fine to try sleeping on the belly. However, if you do you are going to have to find a good pillow. It is going to be either a thin one or none at all.

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