The New 7 Day Lemon Diet Will Detoxify And Burn Fat From Your Body

Weight loss has the reputation of being an infernal process, between deprivation and effort to infinity. It should be noted that the results are not always the rendezvous. But with a slimming program like this, you will reach your goals without suffering. It is a diet that lasts only a week, based on the virtues of a super food: lemon coupled with a good diet.

Toxins are everywhere around us. They come from our environment, foods that we ingest or are sometimes produced by our body. Their accumulation can disrupt the function of our body and slow its self-sufficiency to eliminate them. Hence the importance of detoxification cures, commonly called detox, to lighten your body waste that make it heavier. Namely it evacuated via 5 emunctory organs: the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs.

The benefits of lemon

Digestive disorders are among the most common ailments of our time. Lemon has a high content of fiber, especially pectin. The latter is a soluble fiber, useful for the proper functioning of the intestinal flora. This allows you better absorption of nutrients, lipid metabolism, in addition to promoting the synthesis of intestinal hormones that maintain the good condition of your digestive system.

Lemon is also a valuable food in case of viral infections. It contains vitamin C, which has the ability to strengthen your immune system. In terms of weight loss, polyphenols from lemon can limit overweight. Aside from its effectiveness against colds, vitamin C also promotes the synthesis of noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter that limits the storage of fat. So many reasons to integrate it into your detox diet.

The detox program

Day 1: Detoxify the stomach on an empty stomach

For this, take a glass of warm water early in the morning, on an empty stomach. Press in the juice of a lemon of biological origin, without forgetting the zest of the lemon. It is best to take this will see lemon water 30 minutes before your breakfast. Do the same before your lunch and dinner. Choose a high-fiber diet this first day.

Day 2: Detoxify and mineralize

Keep the same routine as the day before for lemon water, except that this time you will hydrate yourself mostly with mineral water. It’s quite simple, just replace the warm water with fresh mineral water.

Day 3: Enrich your lunch

In addition to the healthy and diversified diet that you will adopt and the lemon water routine, have a drink of the latter as an accompaniment to your lunch.

  • Day 4: Same as day 3
  • Day 5: Same as day 3
  • Day 6: Limitation

You will begin to limit your lemon water dosage. Take only a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed.

Day 7: Make it a habit

Make this glass of lemon water your new morning routine, now is the time to take care of your health.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself enough along this treatment, and to try at best to walk at least 30 minutes a day.


It is not recommended to take lemon in case of burns or stomach ulcers, and in case of citrus allergies.

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