Yoga for Weight Loss: Is It Really Effective?

Losing weight is no more a myth and there are more than one ways to achieve weight loss. But what is the success mantra? Well, you need to take an approach that is best suited according to your lifestyle. Not all can do strenuous exercises to achieve the perfect figure, but can definitely manage with something that does not require a lot of physical stress. Yes, yoga for weight loss is the lifestyle that most people are opting for. But is it really effective? Let’s find out.

What exactly is yoga for weight loss?

In order to understand this, it is good to have a clear idea about what exactly is yoga. Yoga is a lot more than just a weight loss program and it is a perfect blend of physical, mental and spiritual practice. Studies have shown that implementation of complete yoga practices such as the breathing techniques, aasanas, have helped people in their long term weight loss goals. It has been an effective resolution for people who have tried various other weight loss techniques without success.

How does yoga work?

If you are overweight, it means that something is out of balance in your life and you need to take appropriate measures to bring it back to balance. It is good to understand that there are three important layers in out body such as the mind, body, and soul. Every layer depends on other two and has an equal effect on them as well. If one of the layers is not balanced, this will also have an effect on the other layers. If the mind is overactive, then one cannot have a healthy body and a pure soul.

Yoga for weight loss affects these three vital aspects of our lives and helps to bring back the lost balance.

Yoga helps in detoxification 

Being overweight is also a sign that your body is high in toxicity. So you need to detoxify in order to lose weight. In this case, your vital organs such as kidneys and liver may not be working efficiently if there are more toxin levels in the body. As a result, your body will then hold on to the excess weight because your organs are not working optimally.

Yoga is an excellent way to start detoxifying your body. It helps tone up your inner organs and work efficiently again. One of the first things that are taught in yoga classes is to breathe deeply. Other specific poses in yoga such as yoga twists help in detoxification of the body. Self massage of various body parts also helps in detoxifying as well.

Patience in weight loss

Have patience; one of the most difficult yet crucial things to do. You need to remember that all the weight in your body has accumulated over a period of time and not instantly. So instant weight loss could be dangerous for your health in the long term. Most of the other weight loss programs and crash diets do help to get results, but these methods have a negative effect on your body and you may become nutrient deficient and this will lead to other body ailments as well. If you do stop following these programs, you end up putting on more weight. So yoga for weight loss should be thought as a long term process to make you healthy again. If you have patience and continue with yoga lifestyle you will experience benefits in a long term.

Helps you release your blocked emotions

Being overweight is not easy, and at times it has an effect on emotions as well. Emotional eating is one such negative effect of being overweight. In this condition, a person eats more food to make him/her better. If this problem is left unaddressed then this can this can continue to be in our body and we may live with the bad habits of releasing stress with food. People practicing yoga can also examine tier emotions well. The practice helps them connect with inner power and as a result, they are able to face life with confidence and courage. Facing life with these two qualities and freely expressing yourself helps in feeling good about yourself and this is also an important aspect of losing weight.

Positive impact on your soul

This practice connects you with your inner being. If you are able to connect with your spiritual inner being, you can easily let go the unnecessary habits that are destructive to your health. This positive step and awakening to what is good and bad for your health help you take all the right decisions when it comes to maintaining good health.

So yoga for weight loss is more than just a theory, there are numerous examples that prove this fact. The practice will not only help you become healthier in body but also your soul and mind. However, you need to make sure that you are regular in continuing your practice.

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