You Need Only 2 Ingredients And Remove Kidney Stones Very Fast


  • 500 gr carrots
  • 500 gr dry grapes


Clean 500 g of carrots and cut into cubes. Wash 500 g of dry grapes, place it in an enameled pot together with carrots and sprinkle with a liter of water. Before starting to boil, switch off the heat. Cover, firmly wrap with foil on top and leave it in the oven for eight hours at a minimum temperature. Then remove the pot, so after one hour, put the liquid in a separate container, and drain the liquids through a gauze. Mix these two fluids, the drink will be dark brown. Keep it in the refrigerator. Make the new portion every other day so you do not stop the treatment.


Take three times a day per 100 ml of the drink for half an hour before eating, and so for a week or two until you remove the stone.

Specifically, it will turn into sand and you will not notice it. Before the start of the treatment, follow the ultrasound to make sure that there is no more stone.


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